Thrive… in work and life

Getting real about your life as an entrepreneur includes taking care of all aspects of your life including your mind, body and spirit… for your sake, your family’s AND your investors.

To help you get through the ups and downs of entrepreneurial life, we’ve selected our fave “SDashers” to help you keep your mental and physical health a top priority.

Finding Your Voice

Tabby is not only a brilliant author, speaker (check out her recent TEDx talk!) and leader in the new feminism movement, she has also been instrumental in helping me to find my voice and tap into my passion. Honestly, without my work with Tabby last year, I would not be as happy and focused as I am today and Stiletto Dash would not be here!


Full disclosure – I work with Donna on her business (and adore her as a person )… but I also never feel better and more energetic than when I am following the Body Ecology diet and using the BE protein powder (actually LOVE this!), probiotics and digestive enzymes. If you want to finally take control of your weight and overall health, then consider the Body Ecology Diet and lifestyle.


One of my absolute fave people and a dear friend, Elizabeth is the best selling author of “Better Than Perfect”. She is seriously gorgeous on the inside and out. Her goal is to help people before they need to spend time on the proverbial couch. She is the “best friend” voice you want in your head replacing your crazy inner critic. We all need this!

Personal Finance

One of the biggest challenges of launching and building a company is the strain on your personal finances… seriously! It’s so important to have enough funds in place to not have to worry about paying your rent or grocery bills. Brittney provides incredible advice (especially through her “Money Class” online course) to help you to manage your money and reduce that stress. I recently attended one of her workshops and learned a lot!


I adore Jessica! Not only is she brilliantly smart with her Harvard MBA and past corporate success, she is also a yogi and one of the most authentic and centered people I know. If you are looking to bring mindfulness and meditation techniques into your life and business, she’s your gal! Check out her ebooks “The Energized Executive” and “The Creative Executive”.

Health & Wellness

I met this beautiful spirit in Australia last year… and I was immediately drawn to her radiance and authenticity. She has an incredible story of an unhappy life and body that led to her work with women on their overall health and happiness. Her book “Mastering Your Mean Girl: The no-BS guide to becoming wildly wealthy, fabulously healthy, and bursting with love” is out this spring. Love it and her!