Dashing for Capital?

Our unique online courses are designed to get you investor-ready


We are busy creating online courses to help you to attract and raise the right capital from the right investors for your company.

The first course “Are You Ready for Funding?!”
is launching in fall 2017!

Are you ready to raise capital?

Do you understand what taking money from investors means for you and your business?
Do you know how much capital you need?
Do you know the right type of funding for your stage of business?
Are you prepared to start asking friends/family or complete strangers for money?
Have you developed at least a preliminary financial model and do you understand how and when you will make money?
Have you envisioned the ideal investor you want and what they bring to the table besides their money?
Do you know what is required to get the capital you seek?
Is your business in order and ready to receive external funds?

For many of us, these questions give up immediate heart palpitations…
but you can’t even begin the capital raising process if you can’t answer these questions without freaking out!

Fear not!
Our online course “Are You Ready?” was designed to help. This 3 module series will walk you through all of these questions and more, and help you to ensure that you and your business are ready to raise capital and take you to the next level.

I want to know when this course launches!